Reading the Bible together

We are working through John's Gospel.

To get you started, here is a pdf download to guide you through chapter one. Further chapters will appear on the weekly blog, which you can write questions on and give answers too. It will also have links to a weekly podcast for you to listen to about the chapter you have been reading. (You'll find all our podcasts using the link on the left of this screen).

If you've just arrived here and want to start at the beginning, you can find all the links to each week here.

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walking bibleMemorising Bible verses is important, it makes it easier to hear God speak to us in our day to day lives. Former Twyford students Dan, Matt and Will Weeks have been involved in a project to set much of the Bible to music to make it easier to learn. Their site is WalkingBible.com, this link will take you straight to the John's Gospel pages.

Which version of the Bible?

The short answer is one that you don't find difficult to read. If you use BibleGateway.com the drop down menu gives lots of choices. Some are not as exact as translations but more readable (such as The Message...though the spellings are non-standard English, so don't read it if you want to do well in your English GCSE!) Bible GatewayOthers are more scholarly in terms of translation but might have more difficult words as a result. Best advice is to choose 2 or 3 and, if you don't understand something in one of them, read an alternative. Everything on the TFG website uses the NIV-UK version.

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