At TFG we have considered the following mnemonic to help us with prayer:


We explain it for you below. Of course, prayer also involves reading the Bible, and asking God to speak to you through it.... why not start with just reading a chapter of Mark's Gospel each day and getting to know what Jesus is like....as you see Jesus you will see God for the Bible tells us that Jesus is the 'image of the invisible God'.


We start our time with God with a time of Adoration. Focusing on Who He is, what He is like and the reasons why we love Him. Spend a few minutes at the start of your time of prayer doing this. Maybe focus today on "Saviour". tomorrow on "Creator", on the God who is Just, on the Almighty, or whatever. Use the Bible to help you to discover more about what God is like so that you can adore Him.


As you see what God is like, so you see how poorly you measure up against Him. So move to a time of confession. Confession isn't just about saying sorry. We have looked at what God is like, now tell Him what you are like. "God I am weak when it comes to....", "God, I know it is wrong but I keep on....". "I did this today God, I am sorry". Just talk to him about yourself as you are. You can also include the good bits.


Now Thank God for the things He has done. Answered prayer, forgiveness, whatever. However bad you might be feeling, find something to be grateful for and thank Him. Even if it is "just" sending His Son to die for you!!


Finally you pray for "our Needs". The needs of the world, your family, your friends, and then yourself. One way of doing this is to use a method like the "Prayer 20" detailed on the next page (click here).

Enjoy Praying!


Click this image for a guide to how to pray for the school and TFG in just 20 minutes. It can easily be adapted for work and places other than Twyford!

TFG's Aims In Prayer

If Jesus can give all of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year....WHY do we ever go after other people/things?? (Nick Fish, TFG member in 1990)

As we have prayed together we have sensed God's call to pray positively, not negatively.
Not to pray against but to pray for . As one of our songs goes "You are Lord in this Place"....our aim is to pray for the kingdom of Heaven to come on earth, specifically in Twyford.

This we want to see in the school being increasingly filled with Christian students and staff, in sicknesses healed, and....perhaps most importantly in order to bring about the other things.....in our own lives being transformed by the renewal of our minds that we might become more like Jesus in every way each day.

So if you can't make it to our meetings....do join us by praying through this agenda!