Prayer 20

20 1 minute prayers to change the school!

For each of these prayers do the following:


i.       Thank God for something to do with the person or topic you are praying for

ii.     Find a way to pray "Your Kingdom come in this situation/for this person" or "Your will be done in this situation/this person as it is in heaven".

iii.   Praise God that He has heard your prayer


If you do those three things slowly it will take about a minute to pray for each topic. It may take longer, that's great! You are not being timed!!


1.      Twyford CE High School, and all that it means to you.

2.     Your form group.

3.     Your form tutor.

4.    Someone in your form that you don't particularly like.

5.     Your Year Head and Deputy Year Head.

6.     A good friend in the school who is not a TFG member.

7.     A friend who is a TFG member.

8.     The TFG meeting(s) you most often come to.

9.     The Headteachers and other senior leaders of the school

10. The Holy Spirit to move powerfully in the school.

11.    The sixth form to be a place where many come to know God this school year

12.   For God to reveal Himself to members of your year group.

13.   That drugs will lose their appeal to teenagers, especially Twyford teenagers.

14. Behaviour in TFG meetings.

15.   Good friendships develop in TFG between members of different year groups.

16.   Worship in TFG.

17.   Christian teachers.

18.   Your Church Youth leader, and the work they and other youthworkers do in other schools.

19.   God to move in this year's TFG weekends.

20. Those off to work/college/uni this year .


When you have finished thank God again for hearing and answering your prayers.

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