Week One: Introduction

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The Gospel is True, God is True, the Bible is True, Jesus is True. Major statements in the BIble about Jesus are true, eg He is the Way and the Truth and the Life, there is no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.
Uniqueness of Jesus, of true Christian faith. Evidence for Truth.


This is not just something to be ‘believed’, it has to be obeyed. Jesus came for disciples, that is followers. People who will do what He says, whatever the cost to themselves. Go where He wants into all the world, to make more disciples. In particular to follow Him means: not to follow others, to live life by His standards, to be sharers of the Gospel.


This is not about religion. It is not a list of dos and don’ts. It is about relationship. We can be born again, and then grow to be more like Him as we spend time with Him, and grow to love Him more. The Holy Spirit, inside those who would invite Him in, changes us into His likeness.



The first thing is to think about your lifestyle, and what it says to those around you. Are you living the way God wants you to? Do you react to circumstances and other people as Jesus would? REJOICING is a key to holy living. “They are watching you, seeing all you do, .....let them see the Saviour as He lives in you”


But again, it would be easy to do that in a religious way. We have to be full of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to flow through us. That means spending time with Him and being ready to minister Him to those around us. “I will pray for you about that...” or even “Can I pray for you now to ask God to help you with that problem” are two very powerful phrases when sharing God with others. In order to be able to do that we have to be people who know the Holy Spirit lives with us


Finally, in the context of the above two, we need to be ready just to chat about God. Some people talk about Him a lot and it is cringey because their lives do not reflect Him. Some people live godly lives but never speak about God. We must Think first, Be full and flowing, and then also chat freely with those around us. Even little things such as changing “I’m all right” when asked “How are you?” into something like “in God’s care” or “hallelujah I am blessed and highly favoured and ready for the second coming of the Lord and Saviour, how about you??” [well, probably not that!]

Some general talks

A couple of former students visited towards the end of the series to talk about their experiences of sharing the Gospel:

Talk by Calum Burke ...... Talk by James Salter

and our friend Armond Anderyassian-Aznawoole concluded it all:

Let your light Shine